Monday, December 28, 2009

Mission Statement

There are a number of excellent blogs that deal with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as well as with U.S. policies towards Israel, but not many that can provide the historical perspective that my background, research, and extensive notes taken over the past fifty years make possible. (see About Me)

This blog will be devoted primarily to U.S-Israeli issues, as suggested by the title. I will offer brief commentaries on current issues as well as longer essays based on research and scholarship (mine or others), but not written in academic prose. Because these longer essays will appear irregularly, it would be best for interested readers to sign up for email notification (see the link on this page).

A word on my perspective: I regard myself as a disillusioned, even despairing, Zionist with close ties to Israel, including my offer (following my 1957-60 service as a destroyer officer in the U.S. Navy) to serve in the same capacity in the Israeli Navy, should I be needed (I wasn’t). In addition, I was a Fulbright professor at Haifa University in 1989.

For the most part, the spirit that will guide this blog will be Tough Love: Israel is on course for a moral and strategic disaster and must be “saved from itself,” principally by the United States and the American Jewish community. Though there is no choice but to keep trying, the prospects that tough love will work are admittedly dim. If it fails, those of us Jews who believe that Israel is betraying our heritage as well as its promise to become a “Light Unto the Nations” still have a moral imperative to speak out. Another spirit that will guide this blog, then, is this: Not In My Name.