Sunday, May 27, 2012

Corrections, addendum, and new information on yesterday's post on the Beinart issue

First, how to post a comment.  Some people have had some difficulty in doing so, understandably enough.  If you wish to comment, click on the link at the end of the post to which it applies; you will then see a box on your left which tells you how to do it.  Remember that each comment has to be moderated by me, so it is possible that you won't see it for some hours.   If you continue to have difficulty, please let me know by writing to

Second, two of my links to other works failed.  The link to the Newhouse review in the Washington Post is here; the link to the Joseph Dana article, cited first in the Criticisms From the Left subsection, is the same as my second reference to the article, under Economic Sanctions, 2nd paragraph, 4th line.


Explaining Obama subsection, last paragraph: delete the hyphen after "fight."

The Attack From the Right

    Listed fact #3: discrimination against (not "of)

    #4, spread of racism.  Missing closed quote marks.  The quote from Beinart ends after the words "inside it."  The rest of the sentence is mine.

Legitimate Criticisms: 2nd paragraph, in any case (not "an")


Addition.  Today's Haaretz has an excellent oped by the distinguished Israeli political scientist, Menachem Klein, in which he analyzes the essentially non-existent "right" of East Jerusalem Palestinians to gain Israeli citizenship.  If it had appeared a day earlier, I certainly would have referred to it in the section on Economic Sanctions.  Here is the link

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