Wednesday, September 5, 2012

An Exquisite Satire

Today's New York Times features an oped by someone calling himself "Haim Saban"--clearly a pseudonym--entitled "The Truth About Obama and Israel."  At first glance, the piece bills itself as a defense against Republican charges that Obama is insufficiently supportive of Israel, and it goes on to list the many ways that Obama has not only been supportive of Israel, but actually more so than any previous president, including George W. Bush.

Of course "Saban" knows that Obama's "support" is actually disastrous for the true interests of Israel, not to mention of the United States itself--that's what makes it such a brilliant satire. 

The question is: did the Times realize it was a satire?


John Robertson said...

The NYT provided at the end of the Saban piece a brief note re his affiliation with Brookings Center. Perhaps I'm very gullible, but that suggests to me that the NYT believed the piece to be written by the "real" Haim Saban.

Jerome Slater said...

I'm sorry, I made a rather pathetic attempt at satire, myself. I know who Haim Sabam is, and of course the Times knows as well. The point I was trying to make was that Saban's argument was so bad that it could only have been a satire on the "pro-Israeli" arguments, and on Obama's own disastrous "pro-Israeli" policies.

Way too convoluted, I now realize. My apologies--from now on I'll leave satire to Jonathan Swift/Steven Colbert and the other pros.