Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Jodi Rudoren on Shimon Peres, continued

Rudoren sent me an email, in response to my yesterday's email (below) to her:  "There is no doubt that in recent years Peres has been an outspoken advocate for peace. It has, however, been quite a long time since he was in a position to do anything about it -- as I wrote."

I responded: "How sad.  You seem utterly unaware that when he WAS in a position to do anything about it--not once, but many times--he repeatedly sabotaged genuine opportunities for peace.

Does not your position morally require you to first understand and then reveal the historical realities?    Judging from your response, you don't even pass the first test."

She responded this morning: "I am aware of the history. Also convinced this conversation not constructive, so not going to continue it."

Given the nature of my attack, I suppose I can scarcely blame her.  On the other hand, I am so thoroughly sick of the NY Times' unending,  uncomprehending, and unconscionable dishonesty on this issue, and its characteristic failure to ever address serious criticism,  I can't blame myself either.


Charlton Price said...

The NY Times cannot be the newspaper of record on Israel-Palestine- matters because both reporting and comment on this subject always give quotes carefully edited as "Israel said...A Palestinian spokesman said" to attempt "balance." Rarely about what actually happened, more often an Israeli version of what is said to have happened, not what a Times reporter observed directly.

John Robertson said...

Prof. Slater, your response to Ms. Rudoren was spot-on. She probably realized that she was overmatched.