Monday, May 26, 2014

Jodi Rudoren on Shimon Peres

Two years ago I published in this blog an exchange of correspondence I had with Jodi Rudoren, as she was about to become the chief NY Times correspondent in Israel.

I've just sent another email to Rudoren, concerning her lead story in today's NY Times.  If she responds, I'll provide an update.  Here's what I wrote to her:

You may or may not remember that when you began your Israeli stint at the Times we exchanged several emails, which (with your permission) I published on my blog.  Based on those emails I thought there was some reason to hope that the Times would finally face the unmistakable facts and stop obscuring or bowdlerizing the truth about the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

To some extent, this has happened--though not nearly sufficiently. You have certainly been an improvement over your egregious predecessor, Ethan Bronner.  But that is small praise.  As many others have noted, many of your stories have been misleading in one way or another, or attempt to strike a "balance"--"Israelis say this, Palestinians say that"--thereby concealing or obscuring objective truths. 

I write now to point out a particular offender: your description today of Shimon Peres as "an outspoken advocate of peace."  True, Peres has made a career out of appearing before unknowing and usually rapturous audiences and lugubriously intoning about his search for peace, but his actual behavior--that is, when he has had real power to do the right thing--is quite the contrary.

As you may know, Yitzhak Rabin detested Peres for his utter hypocrisy.  Many years ago when Rabin was thought to be the hawk and Peres the dove, Rabin's view was discounted--but of course he was absolutely correct.  Peres' true role is just what Hanan Ashrawi says, "to give a clean bill of health for public relations."  

True, you did quote her---but since you've just written, in your own voice and  as if it was an uncontestable fact, that Peres is an "outspoken advocate for peace," what she says will surely be discounted by most readers.  After all, what would you expect a mere Palestinian to say?

What you wrote is either knowingly false or deeply ignorant.  I don't know which is worse, but in either case the NY Times continues to betray its obligation to first ascertain and then write the truth about the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


Charlton Price said...

Thank you, Jerome Slater. You speak the truth. On Isreal-Palestine, the Times continues not to print all the news that's fit to print and needed to be printed. Because of rhese omissions and attempts at "balance," the Times on Israel-Palestine does not serve as the Newspaper of Record.

Unknown said...

If you do a Google site search for the phrase "outspoken advocate of peace" on the New York Times website, that Rudoren piece does not come up, curiously. But one article does come up: an AP story from Jan. 2011 applying that characterization to Ehud Barak!

In fact, I'm sure Peres, Barak, and most Israelis are sincerely in favor of peace - who wouldn't be? What they're not in favor of is justice.