Saturday, August 30, 2014

Is Jodi Rudoren Incapable of Learning ANYTHING?

Here is an email I just sent to Jodi Rudoren of the NY Times:

In your news story today, "50 Days of War Leave Israelis and Palestinians Only More Entrenched," you wrote:   "The vast majority of Israeli Jews want, most of all, to feel safe, physically, and to secure the future of Israel as a Jewish democracy." 

No mention of the fact that Israel occupies and represses the Palestinians, and that this might have something to do with Palestinian attacks that make Israelis feel unsafe.

No mention of the fact that the Palestinians, who by orders of magnitude are far more threatened than the Israelis, no doubt also want to feel safe and have a democracy of their own.

No mention of the fact that the Israeli Palestinians--let alone the residents of the occupied territories to whom Israel has no intention of granting democracy--have a problem with the concept of a "Jewish democracy."

No mention of the fact that even democracy for the Jews--if they are "leftists," of course--is increasingly threatened.

In short,  That one sentence is either breathtakingly stupid, or a piece of shameless Hasbara worthy of Netanyahu himself. 

1944: "The vast majority of Germans want, most of all, to feel safe."
Jerome Slater


David Judah said...

I read that article by jodi rudoren and I was fuming. I was grateful to see a copy of your email to her which echoed my own thoughts but I would never have been able to have summarised everything so succinctly. As a British jew who has visited israel over 30 times in the last 30 years I have witnessed the creeping slow motion annexation of the West Bank as well as the increasingly speedier motion of a state moving towards full apartheid and is so right wing that the term "fascist" would not really be a false description. I believe we have now passed the point of no return and Israel cannot save itself. Rather israel needs to be saved from itself. This will only happen from outside pressure and nothing else and that outside pressure MUST come from the USA. This is why the responsibility of reporters like jodi rudoren is maybe far greater than she actually imagines. Without proper truthful and accurate reporting of the real situation which remains the primary source of information to the American public and more importantly American Jews, then nothing will change. To just portray Israeli hasbara is simply criminal. There is no justification for this brutal, repressive, never ending occupation with regular bouts of slaughter carried out with impunity. I urge all reporters with this huge responsibility to drop the propaganda and just tell it like it is. I was an ardent zionist but I saw the light and now I'm just trying to hang on to being a liberal zionist. It's not hard really, you just need to look and be honest with yourself

Jerome Slater said...

I couldn't agree more.