Sunday, August 31, 2014

Rudoren Responds

As requested by some, here are Rudoren's responses to my chastisement, in their entirety (she has given me permission to publish her emails to me, or I would not do so):


It looks like you did not read the whole story.  Every sentence can't say every thing. That one was about israeli Jews' aspirations

Palestinian yearning for end to occupation was a few down (original draft has them side by side but structure changed)


I read the whole story.  You are referring to this sentence:  "Gaza residents, and the broader Palestinian public, yearn, primarily, for freedom from Israeli restrictions on the crowded coastal territory (and in the West Bank) and the establishment of a sovereign Palestine."
It is hard for me to believe that you really think the term "Israeli restrictions" is an adequate description of the reality of 47 years Israeli occupation, extensive repression, blockades, deliberate impoverishment, assassinations, repeated military attacks, including on civilians and the economy and societal institutions, and so an, ad nauseum.
I thought in the beginning you might be a significant improvement over the egregious Ethan Bronner, but except for some  apparently heartfelt descriptions of the effects of the recent attacks on Palestinians, you have repeatedly failed in your responsibilities to tell the truth about Israeli policies.  That includes your recent story in which you reported as if it was a proven fact that it is Hamas that was responsible for the ongoing conflict.  I wrote about this on my blog:

For shame.


That, and then the whole discussion of Abbas initiative. Etc. 


I'll not take this any further--she needs to hear from others.

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