Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Obama’s Political Courage

In a current Atlantic article, Jeffrey Goldberg writes about “the current crisis in US-Israeli relations.”  Leading U.S. officials told Goldberg that they consider Netanyahu to be “chickenshit,” repeatedly caving into the extreme Israeli right, including officials in his cabinet.  As well, in an earlier Goldberg interview with Obama, the president said that Netanyahu "lacks political courage." 

By contrast, Obama has shown great political courage: ignoring the Israel Lobby, Congress, the Jewish vote, and the probable electoral consequences, he has used his full powers, including open threats to end all U.S. political, diplomatic, economic, and military support of Israel unless it ends the occupation and allows the creation of a viable Palestinian state. 

As anyone with any understanding of the realities knows, such steps are the only way to end Israeli intransigence, do justice to the Palestinians, reduce the Islamic terrorist threat to the U.S., and save Israel from itself.  Kudos to Obama for understanding this, acting on that understanding, and courageously disregarding the U.S domestic politics of the issue. 

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Jim Donnellan said...

Sounds like a bit of tongue in cheek. I have little doubt that Obama might be passive aggressive regarding those issues. Otherwise his silence is deafening.