Thursday, October 30, 2014

On the Other Hand…

In my post yesterday I commented—as have many others—that the real “political coward” is Obama, not Netanyahu.  In this morning’s Haaretz, the indispensable (and amazingly courageous) Gideon Levy writes that the real political coward is Obama, who by abandoning the Palestinians and continuing all forms of support to Israel is going against his real views, whereas Netanyahu is at least acting according to his real views. 

The problem with the argument that Obama is a political coward—which at one level, as illustrated in my post yesterday, I obviously share—is that it doesn't address the other other level, which creates a terrible dilemma: it isn't Obama that would suffer political consequences if he exercised real pressure on Israel, but the rest of us.  Meaning that as long as a large majority of the American Jewish community will not support serious U.S. pressures on Israel, the electoral consequences of defying that community--i.e. losing Jewish money and votes--could be an even stronger Republican majority in Congress, for that matter even in a close Presidential election.   And that's not an Obama disaster, it's our disaster.

The dilemma cannot be resolved without a major change in the views of the American Jewish community, which is why I have always regarded that community as the most important audience for critical analyses of Israeli policies. 


Anthony Greco said...

I did think you were being a bit too kind to Obama in your earlier post. Obama deserves credit for going up to the limits of political feasibility in standing up to Netanyahu. As on other issues, however, he is unwilling to risk breaching those limits.

pabelmont said...

Maybe Jewish voters are still important -- NY, FL, CA -- but they are not as important as Zionist money, and BIG-ZION (like BIG-OIL, BIG-BANKS, BIG-DEFENSE, BIG_AGRI) is part of USA's dreadful system of government by oligarchy (called "democracy").

IMO, if 90% of Jews in the USA voted pro-Palestine, the BIG-ZION would still "own" Congress and the President.

If Obama would break officially with the democratic Party today, BREAK!, and give all legislative leadership (such as remains among democrats) to Madame clinton or someone else, then he might (JUST MIGHT) be able to serve I/P peace-with-justice via UNSC and other diplomacy. He has two years and faces no reelection. He could do it if he dares. As an independent with 2 years in the white House left.