Monday, December 21, 2015

Bad Joke at the New York Times

Connoisseurs of the NY Times’ unending travesties in its treatment of Israeli matters may enjoy--sort of--the latest one, concerning Israel’s assassination of the Hezbollah leader Samir Juntar, by means of long-range rocket attacks that destroyed a five-story residential building in Syria, obviously also killing many innocent civilians.  Nothing new there: as always, the Israeli way of war.

However, the headline on the morning edition of the Times read:   “Commander of Hezbollah Freed by Israel Dies in Syria”--died peacefully in his sleep, perhaps of old age?

Apparently that ludicrous headline was too much, even for the NY Times, which evidently had second thoughts—the headline on the evening online edition story was changed:  “Commander of Hezbollah Freed by Israel Is Killed in Syria.” 

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